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      1. Activisin Blizzard Inc Activision Revenues, Blizzard, World of Warcraft History
      2. Inc. Amazon media Company, Amazon prime revenue
      3. Apple Inc. Apple, History of Apple, Apple Media Company
      4. ARD German state television, German public broadcaster, ARD, Das Erste, German television system
      5. Baidu Inc. chinese media companies, Baidu Revenue, search engine china
      6. BBC British Broadcasting Corportation, Markt Thompson, public service broadcasting, BBC, History of the BBC
      7. Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA Bertelsmann AG, German media companies, Reinhard Mohn, German Media, History of Bertelsmann
      8. Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg News, Michael Bloomberg, History of Bloomberg L.P.
      9. Charter Comm. Inc. Charter Comm., Charter Communications, History of Charter Communications, cable companies in the us, US cable companies
      10. Comcast/NBCUniversal, LLC portrayal of Comcast, portrayal of NBC, history of comcast, history of NBC
      11. Cox Enterprises Inc. Cox Enterprises, History of Cox, newspapers in the United States, James Kennedy
      12. De Agostini Group History De Agostini, De Agostini Revenue, italian media companies
      13. Dish Network Corporation Dish Network, Echostar, cable companies in the US, History of Echostar, History of Dish Network
      14. Electronic Arts EA History, EA Sports, Electronic Arts Revenue
      15. Facebook Inc. History Facebook, Facebook Revenue, Profile of Facebook
      16. Fuji Media Holdings, Inc.  Fuji Television, Fuji Media Holdings, History of Fuji Television, History of Fuji Media Holdings, Hisashi Hieda, japanese Media, television in Japan, media in Japan
      17. Grupo Televisa  Grupo Televisa
      18. The Hearst Corporation  Portrait Hearst Corporation
      19. ITV plc Portrait of ITV plc, British television companies, Andy Crozier
      20. Lagardère Media Lagardere Media, History of lagardere, french media corporations
      21. Liberty Media Corp. Liberty Media, John Malone, cable companies, History of Liberty Media
      22. The McGraw-Hill Comp. Inc. McGraw, Howard McGraw III, McGraw-Hill, History of McGraw-Hill
      23. Microsoft Corporation Microsoft history, Microsoft media Company, Revenue xbox segment
      24. Netflix Portrait Netflix, history of netflix,
      25. News Corp News Corp., Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, News International, Fox News
      26. Nintendo Company Ltd. japanese media companies, history of nintendo, nintendo revenues
      27. Nippon Hoso Kyokai Japanese public service broadcaster, Nippon Hoso Kyokai, NHK, History of NHK, History of Nippon Hoso Kyokai, japanese media
      28. Pearson plc Pearson plc, History of Pearson, History of Financial Times
      29. Reed Elsevier PLC History of Reed Elsevier, Elsevier, Reed Business, British media companies
      30. Rogers Comm. Rogers Communications, Canadian media companies, History of Rogers. Comm.
      31. Shanghai Media Group chinese media companies, Shanghai media group revenue
      32. Sony Entertainment Sony Entertainment, History of Sony, Howard Stringer
      33. Tencent chinese media companies, tencent revenues, history of tencent
      34. Thompson Reuters Corporation History of Thompson Reuters, History of Reuters, Reuters news, media corporation Thompson,
      35. Viacom Inc./CBS Corp. portrait of viacom, portrait of cbs, history of viacom, history of cbs
      36. Vivendi S.A. Vivendi, french media, french media corporation, activision blizzard, history of vivendi, management of vivendi
      37. The Walt Disney Company Walt Disney, Walt Disney corporate, Robert Iger, Mickey Mouse, biggest media companies

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