43. Sinclair Broadcast Group

Revenues 2020: $ 5.943 billion (€ 5.200 billion)

General Information


Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
10706 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
Tel. 001 410 568 1500

Company type: public
Financial year: 01./01-12/31
Founded: 1971

2016 revenue: 2.737 $ Mio.

Executives and Officers



  • David D. Smith, Executive Chairman
  • Frederick G. Smith, Vice President
  • J. Duncan Smith, Vice President
  • David B. Amy, Vice Chairman
  • Christopher S. Ripley, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • David R. Bochenek, Senior Vice President / Chief Accounting Officer
  • Barry M. Faber, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Distribution and Network Relations
  • Rebecca J. Hanson, Senior Vice President / Strategy and Policy
  • Steven M. Marks, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Sinclair Television Group, Inc.
  • Delbert R. Parks, III, Senior Vice President / Chief Technology Officer
  • Stephen J. Pruett, Executive Vice President & Chief TV Development Officer
  • Lucy A. Rutishauser, Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
  • Donald H. Thompson, Senior Vice President / Human Resources
  • Robert D. Weisbord, SVP, Chief Operating Officer, Sinclair Digital


Board of Directors

  • David D. Smith, Executive Chairman
  • Frederick G. Smith, Vice President and Director
  • J. Duncan Smith, Vice President, Secretary and Director
  • Robert E. Smith, Director
  • Howard E. Friedman, Director
  • Daniel C. Keith, Director / Compensation Committee Chair
  • Martin R. Leader, Director
  • Lawrence E. McCanna, Director / Audit Committee Chair


Institute of Media and Communications Policy


Germany's Federal Agency for Civic Education,


the city of Cologne, Germany,