Institute for Media and Communications Policy

The Institute for Media and Communications Policy (IfM) was founded September 2005 in Berlin as an independent research and counselling centre. The media database was created at the IfM and is under its supervision.

The institute sees itself as forum for the media industry, communication research and active politics. The IfM develops recommendations for the solution of media policy-based issues and debates these with responsible representatives of politics, science and industry. The members of the institute deal with the foundation of concepts and position of media policy according to their own field of research.

The institute is a non-profit company with its headquarters in Berlin-Charlottenburg and a branch office in Cologne. Businesses of the media industry, private and public sector, as well as public institutions fund the IfM. The institute does not serve any economic or political aims. A curatorship and a scientific advisory board attend the institute and its activities in a consolatory fashion.

Institute of Media and Communications Policy

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