Media Data Base - International Media Corporations 2014

Media corporations have bigger budgets than some nation states. As agents and moderators of globalization they have economic and opinion-shaping power. They deal with the contemporary challenge of combining business segments belonging to the 'Old Economy' with those of the "New Economy" by restructuring measures, cooperation or mergers with advertising agencies or social media platforms. It is technological progress and growing competition that force media corporations to expand their businesses on a national as well as an international level. To successfully compete, some media companies establish partnerships with financial investors, which in some cases have garnered considerable influence.

Who controls big media corporations? What kind of strategies do they apply?  What is the role of private equity investors? Based on the 2005 book "Who controls the Media" by Lutz Hachmeister and Günther Rager, the Institute of Media and Communication Policy established the media data base mediadb.eu in order to provide comprehensive and up-to-date structural data concerning international media corporations.

The annual ranking of the 50 world's biggest media corporations includes companies that have a strategic focus on the creation of content for print, television, film and online properties. Because some cable companies control the distribution of programming and produce content themselves, they are included in the ranking as well. Listed are parent companies (such as News Corp.) even if a subsidiary (e.g. BsykB) generates revenues that are higher than other parent companies. The size of a media corporation is based on the media revenues generated in the past financial year. All amounts of revenue are converted to Euros, applying the annual average exchange rates.

Top 50 - International Media Corporations

1.Comcast (Philadelphia / USA)€ 48.684 billion
2.Google Inc. (Mountain View/ USA)€ 45.046 billion
3.The Walt Disney Company (Burbank / USA)€ 33.914 billion
4.News Corp. Ltd. / 21st Century Fox (New York/ USA)€ 27.539 billion
5.DirecTV, LLC (El Segundo/ USA)€ 23.909 billion
6.Time Warner Inc. (New York / USA)€ 22.434 billion
7.Viacom Inc./CBS Corp. (New York / USA)€ 21.894 billion
8.Sony Entertainment (Tokyo / JP )€ 17.830 billion
9.Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA (Gütersloh/GER)€ 16.356 billion
10.Cox Enterprises Inc. (Atlanta /USA)€ 11.972 billion
11.Liberty Media Corp./Liberty Interactive (Englewood, CO / USA)€ 10.774 billion
12.Vivendi S.A. (Paris/ FRA)€ 10.197 billion
13.Dish Network Corporation (Englewood, CO / USA)€ 9.860 billion
14.Thomson Reuters Corporation (New York/ USA)€ 9.859 billion
15.Rogers Comm. (Toronto / CA)€ 9.285 billion
16.The Hearst Corporation (New York/ USA)€ 7.530 billion
17.Lagardère Media (Paris/ FRA)€ 7.216 billion
18.Reed Elsevier PLC (London/ GB)€ 7.106 billion
19.Bloomberg L.P. (New York / USA)€ 6.777 billion
20.ARD (Berlin, München/GER)€ 6.284 billion
21.Charter Comm. Inc. (St. Louis/ USA)€ 6.140 billion
22.Pearson plc (London / UK)€ 6.096 billion
23.BBC (London / UK)€ 5.965 billion
24.Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Tokyo/ Japan)€ 5.113 billion
25.Globo Communicação e Participações S.A. (Rio de Janeiro/ BRA)€ 5.020 billion
26.Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. (Tokyo/ JP)€ 4.952 billion
27.Advance Publications (New York / USA)€ 4.939 billion
28.The Naspers Group (Kapstadt / ZA)€ 4.888 billion
29.iHeart Media (San Antonio / USA)€ 4.701 billion
30.Cablevision Systems Corp. (Bethpage, NY/ USA)€ 4.692 billion
31.Grupo Televisa (Mexico City / MX)€ 4.350 billion
32.The Nielsen Company (Haarlem/ NL)€ 4.294 billion
33.Discovery Communications (Silver Spring/ USA)€ 4.168 billion
34.Gannett Co. Inc. (McLean, Virginia / USA)€ 3.886 billion
35.Shaw Communications (Calgary /CA)€ 3.758 billion
36.McGraw-Hill Financial (New York/USA)€ 3.671 billion
37.Wolters Kluwer nv (Amsterdam / NL)€ 3.565 billion
38.Yahoo! Inc. (Sunnyvale/ USA)€ 3.524 billion
39.Mediaset SpA (Mailand / IT)€ 3.415 billion
40.Netflix (Los Gatos/ USA)€ 3.294 billion
41.ITV plc (London / GB)€ 3.242 billion
42.Quebecor Inc. (Montreal/ CA)€ 3.126 billion
43.Bonnier AB (Stockholm / SWE)€ 3.084 billion
44.France Télévisions S.A. (Paris/ FRA)€ 2.842 billion
45.Axel Springer SE (Berlin /GER)€ 2.801 billion
46.Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. (Tokyo / Japan)€ 2.733 billion
47.Grupo PRISA (Madrid / ES)€ 2.709 billion
48.Nippon Television Holdings (Tokyo / Japan)€ 2.635 billion
49.Graham Holdings Company (Washington D.C. / USA)€ 2.626 billion
50.RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana Holding S.p.A. (Rom / IT)€ 2.625 billion

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